Types of Lenses

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HDV Lenses

See your world in High Definition.

  • Just like High Definition TV technology, High Definition lenses can make an extraordinary difference to your visual clarity and comfort.
  • Standard definition lenses can't be optimized for all of the unique aspects of your eyes. Nor can they be customized for the shape of the frames you choose
  • Digital HD technology changes all of that – creating the ideal lens performance optimized for your unique prescription.

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Teflon® clear coat

Treat your eyes to clearer, crisper vision.

  • Lens reflections make it harder to see—especially in situations like driving at night, working at a computer, working under fluorescent lights.
  • Lenses with Teflon® clear coat virtually eliminate lens reflections, so you can have clearer, crisper vision than is possible with ordinary lenses.
  • Eyeglasses featuring lenses with Teflon® clear coat also help you look better because they virtually eliminate reflections that keep people from seeing your eyes.


ZEISS PhotoFusion

Lenses that change. Vision you’ll love.

  • Are your eyes sensitive to bright light? Don’t like changing your glasses every time you go outdoors or indoors?
  • With ZEISS PhotoFusion Lenses, your glasses will automatically adjust to the sunlight, giving you effortless comfort and protection.
  • ZEISS PhotoFusion Lenses do it all—and do it fast. Outdoors, ZEISS PhotoFusion Lenses react quickly to the sun’s UV rays, which cause them to block sunlight and create a dark outdoor tint.
  • Inside, they fade back to their original clear state.

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Polarized Lenses

Advanced Protection. Superior Performance.

  • Glare caused by reflected sunlight can have a negative impact on your vision, particularly while driving.
  • Premium polarized lenses virtually eliminate blinding glare and enhance vision by increasing clarity and improving color perception.
  • See the difference polarized lenses can deliver to your vision!

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