Caring for your contact lenses


  • Use only solutions recommeded by your Doctor.
  • Avoid getting makeup on your hands or lenses.
  • Check for lens damage before each insertion.
  • Wear good quality sunglasses if glare or surface reflection bother your eyes.
  • Keep your storage case clean and change the solution regularly.
  • Clean lenses after each wearing before re-insertion.
  • Have regular checkups as directed by your doctor.
  • Keep your fingernails trimmed to avoid damaging lenses.
  • Keep a spare pair of glasses on hand in case you lose or damage your lenses.
  • Remove your lenses and call your Doctor if symptoms such as pain for excesive redness persist.
  • Avoid overhead hair dryers or hair spray while wearing lenses.


  • Sleep or nap while you wear your lenses.
  • Swim with your lenses in.
  • Shower with your lenses in place.
  • Over wear your lenses. Keep a pair of backup glasses.
  • Wet your lenses using saliva.
  • Rub your eyes while wearing lenses.
  • Put drops in your eyes while wearing your lenses without your Doctor's approval.
  • Count on contact lenses for eye protection. Always wear safety glasses if your job or activities pose a hazard which could result in eye injury.


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