What to expect from your Shopko Optician

If you are already wearing glasses or need to get your first pair, one of our opticians can help you find the eyewear that will work best for your vision and your lifestyle.

When you talk to an optician about eyewear, you should expect much more than a simple sales pitch. After all, the objective of getting a new pair of glasses is to restore clear vision. Consequently, a practice or retailer that distributes spectacles should not limit itself to having a huge selection of fashionable frames available for you to choose from. What you really need is an expert optician who will take the time to assist you with your selection of your optimum visual aid.

Here is what you can expect from your Shopko Eyecare Center :

  • A well-organized store with a great selection of frames.
  • Professional consultations that will give you detailed insights into the different eyewear solutions. We will point out the importance of good lens quality, which is the most critical component of a good pair of glasses.
  • Eyewear inspections, cleaning and adjustments for the life of your prescription.
  • When you are picking up your glasses, one of our opticians will adjust your frames and check for a comfortable fit before you leave the store.

The Shopko Consultation Process

Trying on multiple frames is the best way to find  glasses that look perfect on you. In addition to assisting you with your selection, your optician will recommend lenses that meet your needs optimally. Once your optician receives the finished pair of glasses, he or she will verify that they have been made properly, and will readjust them as necessary to ensure that they will fit perfectly. Nothing is worse than having to wear glasses that do not fit properly and slide around on your nose. This is particularly critical with progressive lenses . Frames for progressive lenses need to be pre-adjusted carefully so they will deliver optimal vision at all distances.


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