Better, safer vision in the sun

Lenses for driving and life outdoors.

Chances are you spend time in the sun, whether you're driving, playing sports, or just enjoying a beautiful day. And that means that your eyes are dealing with sunlight and sun glare. Most people have a pair of tinted sunglasses. But by themselves, tints only darken the glare from the sun: it's still there, and it's still obscuring your vision. The solution: polarized lenses, the ideal solution for most outdoor activities.

Polarized lenses eliminate much of the sun glare that comes from water, the windshields of oncoming cars, or wet pavement. They protect you from eye fatigue, because your eyes no longer have to adjust to constantly changing light conditions.

How Polarization Works

Light is a wave that ripples or vibrates as it moves through the air. Natural sunlight vibrates in every direction. But when sunlight hits a surface such as a body of water, a field of snow, or even a wet street, some of the light is reflected and guided in one direction. In other words, it is polarized. When the reflected, polarized light hits your eyes, you perceive it as glare and it can have a blinding effect. Not only is this unsafe, it can be dangerous, especially if you're driving a car.

Polarized lenses contain a polarization filter. This filter actually blocks the polarized light coming from a horizontal surface. Harsh, blinding glare is almost completely eliminated. At the same time, polarized lenses improve contrast and make colors more brilliant. And they offer an additional benefit for healthy vision: 100% UV protection.

Shopko offers polarized lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision to suit your prescription needs, whether you wear single vision or progressive lenses. Plus, you can get them in a range of colors: gray, brown, copper and green.

Protect your eyes and enjoy the scenery in comfort. Ask your Shopko Optician about polarized lenses.


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