How do I find the right frame design for my face?

A good pair of glasses is an important investment. After all, you will wear them for a long time.  Today, eyeglass manufacturers offer a wide spectrum of attractive frame designs. You need to find the one that best enhances your look, but the dizzying array of choices can make the decision difficult.  What's the best shape, size and color for you? Is rimless eyewear better for you? Following a few basic rules will help you make the perfect choice.

Every face, like every eye, has its own unique features. Do you want eyewear that underscores your personality or eyewear that changes your look? When you choose a pair of glasses, you will have to take these aspects into account. This can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. To minimize the confusion, it may be helpful to consider your options before you visit your eye care professional. There is one general principle you might want to remember: Create visual contrasts. The shape of your frame should actually be in contrast to the shape of your face to create a balance. This brings the overall appearance into harmony.

It is not always easy to select the optimum eyeglass frame to complement the shape of your own face. People with oval faces are at a huge advantage - they have the ideal face for glasses.

1. Oval Faces

Time to celebrate -you have drawn the winning ticket! Or - let's put it this way - you have the perfect face for glasses and it will be easy for any eye care professional to offer you a wide range of options. Virtually all frames will complement your look. However, beware of frames that are too generously proportioned on the sides or very small round spectacles. The best choice for you will probably be a rectangular design.

2. Round Faces

We recommend you try distinguished frames that emphasize corners, i.e., square to slightly rectangular designs. They will give a round face added contours. Be bold and have fun with colors. Spectacles with wider frames would also look good on you. Avoid soft, fine and rounded frames.

3. Triangular or Heart-Shaped Faces with Broad Foreheads and Pointed Chins

Your best choices are definitely oval or rounded frames - or softer and flatter designs in subtle tones. The visual division of your face length by these glasses will certainly enhance your look. Do not choose frames that are too small or that are too colorful.

4. Longitudinal or Rectangular Faces

You have a narrow face, your jaw bones are rather low set and your chin and bottom jaw are your most distinguishing facial features. A pair of glasses will definitely enhance your look, as it visually divides your face.. Your best options are glasses with a wide bridge and low- sitting ear pieces. Oval frames will complement your face as long as you do not choose a style that is too small for you. Rimless glasses with subtle contours could also be perfect for your face.

5. Square Faces

In your case, the objective should be to stretch your face visually with the assistance of your spectacles design. Chin, bottom jaw and forehead are your most distinguishing features. Try slightly round frames that are not too small and have a flat line design. Rimless glasses might also provide a perfect fit. Avoid small spectacles.

Choosing Your Eyeglass Frame Color

Perhaps you have already heard about color types. They are defined by a person's hair color, skin tone and the color of the eyes and named for the four seasons. This typology can also be helpful as you choose the color or shading of your eyeglass frames.


The Winter Type:

Winter types frequently have very light skin with a slightly blue undertone. Sometimes the skin may also appear to have an olive complexion. Without makeup this type of skin can be rather pale. Most of the people with this complexion have dark or black hair. The color of the eyes is either hazelnut, blue or green. Winter types look great in clear, strong and cool colors such as black, white, grey and blue. They should avoid tones such as gold, brown, orange and pastels. Excellent choices for eyeglass frames would be silver or blue-black models.


The Spring Type:

Marilyn Monroe was a definitive spring type. The skin tone is peach and sometimes a person of this type will have golden freckles. The hair color can frequently range from blond to reddish blond paired with eye colors blue, blue gray, green, gray brown or golden green. This type looks fantastic in spring colors such as natural white, creamy beige, lilac, salmon, cornflower blue, light rose, warm browns, gold, copper and bronze. The preferred colors for eyeglass frames would be gold, beige, lobster red or a light brown.


The Summer Type:

As a rule, people of this type have ash blond hair and baby blue, brown or grey eyes. Their skin is light complected and rosy, almost pastel colored. Preferred summer type colors are cool, intense, but not too loud or dark, such as gray blue, rose, red, silver gray and parchment white. Summer types should avoid black, gold, orange and snow white. When choosing eyeglass frames, preferred selections should be rose, light blue or lavender.


The Fall Type:

People who belong to this group usually have golden-toned skin; however some have ivory or peach colored skin and a tendency to develop freckles. Many fall types have red hair with a golden shimmer and dark brown, green brown or green eyes. They should choose all earth tones, including brown, orange and green hues as well as deep reds and ivory or vanilla. Gold, bronze and copper are also great choices. Gold and all natural colors are great fits for this type's glass frames.

Other Helpful Hints

When choosing the perfect frame for your eyeglasses, make sure that your eyebrows are either right above the upper edge of the rim or right alongside the upper rim. If you think that your nose is too long or too short, glasses can be a perfect tool to make a visual improvement. If the bridge of your glasses sits deep on your nose, it will actually look shorter and vice versa. If the glasses are extended at the bottom, the design will shorten your face.


Important: When you shop for glasses, take your time. Try as many frames as you want and allow the optician to assist you and advise you.  Show your favorite choices to your partner or friends and get advice from people who see you a lot and who know what suits you best. Most importantly, make sure that your glasses are comfortable and you like how they look on you.


Remember, you will receive personal and detailed advice on glasses and shadings at your Shopko Eyecare Center


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