Eyewear for all the ways you see

There is no such thing as a perfect pair of spectacles. Each situation, each activity, and even each type of weather changes the demands on our eyes. A second pair of glasses can help your eyes meet the full range of your vision needs.

No single pair of glasses is perfect for every visual situation. Every situation in life, each activity and even changes in the weather make different demands on our eyes. Hence, customized secondary glasses do come in handy as they make our lives easier and make us more relaxed.

You probably have a standard pair of glasses that goes wherever you go. You rely on them for excellent vision in a range of situations. But there are also good reasons to consider having at least one additional pair, so your eyes can keep up with everything you do.

There are a number of things a secondary pair of glasses can do for you: provide a backup, change your look, or provide the best vision in certain situations that are important to you. Here are some things you should consider.

A Backup Pair

The first item on your list should be your substitute pair of glasses for emergencies. Chances are, your glasses play an important role in your life. Just imagine what would happen if you ever lost your glasses or broke them. It's a good idea to have an equally dependable stand-in on hand - just in case.

A Change of Style

A different pair of glasses for special occasions or a contrasting frame style that gives you a change of look is one of those little luxuries that can enhance your style -- just for the fun of it, or as a fashion accessory to wear with a stylish outfit. Most people feel good when they know they look great. So go ahead, express yourself -- be bold and fashionable. You might also want to consider a different frame style to wear in your leisure time.

Specialty Eyewear for Key Activities

Sports Eyewear

Sports glasses are great tools for professional and amateur athletes. They can provide safety, protection and outstanding vision, for sun protection, for a favorite sport, or even for goggles to wear in the water. Most sports require excellent depth and motion perception as well as fast vision adjustments so that a player can zoom in on opponents, teammates and the ball. In most cases, peak performance requires a special pair of glasses. Sports and sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from harmful  UV rays, but also from wind, dust, insects and low-hanging branches by the side of the road. Make sure your sports glasses are comfortable and have a secure fit. Many come with an elastic sports band to secure them and a soft bridge to protect your nose.

Computer Eyewear

Do you work on a computer all day? Do you see the keyboard clearly, but the image on the monitor is blurred? Do you have to look above the rims of your glasses to recognize a co-worker who is entering your office? If so, you are a perfect candidate for computer lenses are designed to offer very large areas of near vision (for reading, viewing the keyboard and other up-close activities) and intermediate vision (for viewing the computer monitor and other objects at arm's length or beyond.) They are ideal for people who do computer work and will make long days at the office much easier on your eyes.

Driving Eyewear

You may also want to consider a pair of driving glasses you keep in your car. This will make you a safer and more comfortable driver, especially if you drive long distances. Changing light conditions, road signs that are hard to make out at night or reflections on streets wet with rain: our eyes have to deal with so many challenges when we drive.

Sun Eyewear

An excellent pair of sunglasses with 100% UV ray protection should definitely be on your shopping list for secondary glasses. UV protection is indispensible for your eyes. The lenses should be updated regularly for your latest vision prescription, just like those of your everyday pair. If you prefer not to constantly switch back and forth between eyeglasses and sunglasses as light conditions change, you might want to consider lenses that automatically adjust to changing light conditions: Transitions® is the magic word.


Are you an avid reader? Reading can be fun and relaxing, but it can also tire the eyes. Extended phases of concentration and inadequate lighting make reading in bed or on the couch particularly tough on the eyes. A pair of reading glasses that has been specifically customized for these requirements will make long reading sessions much easier on your vision.

To find out more about secondary pairs of eyewear, see your local Shopko Eyecare Center. Your optometrist will be pleased to show you a range of solutions based on your individual needs and expectations. Choose what is best for you - customized glasses that will enhance your life.


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