High quality locally made lenses to suit your vision

Types of Lenses

Single Vision Single vision lenses are prescribed if you need correction for either distance or near (up-close) vision.
Bifocal lenses Bifocal lenses are prescribed if you need correction for both distance and near vision. Progressive power or no-line bifocal lenses are the latest in multifocal lens designs. They provide the most natural vision and no one can tell you're wearing bifocals.
Trifocals Trifocals provide correction for distance, near and intermediate.
Multifocal Lenses When more than one field of vision requires correction, these types of lenses are called multifocals.
WonderLights Plus

WonderLights Plus lenses offer maximum protection. They're lightweight, shatter-resistant, scratch resistant and include UV-protection. WonderLights Plus lenses include a 1-year performance warranty and if your prescription changes within the first year, your lenses will be replaced at no-charge.

HDv Lenses

Just like High Definition TV technology, High Definition lenses can make an extraordinary difference to your visual clarity and comfort. HD technology creates the ideal lens performance optimized for your unique prescription. Learn more

Lens Treatments

Choosing the right lens material will depend on your level of activity and lifestyle. To find out which material might work best for you, check out our chart listed below:

Scratch-resistant Coating Scratches on your lenses can inhibit your vision. Includes a 1-year performance warranty.
Anti-reflective Coating Anti-reflective coatings reduces the amount of reflection that reaches your eyes, details seem crisp and clear and night driving is also improved reducing the halo effect caused by oncoming headlights. Great for computer users because it reduces the glare from fluorescent lighting and screens. Shopko proudly offers Telfon® Clear Coat lenses. Learn more
Tints Reducing light, tints can make your new glasses more comfortable and reduce eyestrain. Choices include sunglass and fun fashion tints!
Polarized Sun Lenses Polarized lenses help reduce glare with special polarized filters. Also included are 100% UV protection and improved visual clarity and depth perception. For driving or outdoor activities, polarized lenses are second to none. Learn more
UV Protection UV protection may prevent cataracts, cancer of the skin around the eyes and long-term eye damage such as macular degeneration of the retina. Guarding your eyes from ultraviolet light is very important. Learn more
Photochromatic Lenses Photochromatic lenses are lenses that respond to changes in lighting conditions. As light increases, these lenses darken to a darker state. The combination of Photochromatic lenses in conjunction with AR coating can create a convenient multipurpose feature pair of glasses, ideal for indoors as well as out. Learn more